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Apostolic Confraternity Seminary

Apostolic Confraternity Seminary is an Orthodox Catholic seminary program operating under the auspices of the Spanish Orthodox Church and EACS. It is directed by the Metropolitan Archbishop/President.

The seminary program offers a Diploma and an Advanced Diploma at this time. They are issued directly by the church. The church does not charge tuition or fees; however, professional fees are charged by the instructor for tutoring and document preparation.

The program is designed to prepare a man for the holy priesthood. The advanced program is designed to develop the priest further.

Assignments are sent to the instructor as emails. All references are available on the Internet. We provide references to websites. There are no textbooks to purchase. Vast resources are available on the Internet.

Grading in the Seminary Program

All courses are on a "Pass" or "Fail" grading system. If a student has not correctly completed the assignment, it must be repeated until it is acceptable.

Refer to the course descriptions for courses. Refer to the discussion of Professional Fees for costs in the program as well as those to establish and maintain a ministry. Our structure keeps the costs low and saves everyone time and needless effort.

Churches in Communion

The Catholic Apostolic Orthodox Jerusalemite rite Church.

Communion of Autocephalous Ecclesiastical Jerusalemite and Primitive.(Holy Throne Primate) (+Alexander Maia, "Alexander I" current Primate)

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Bachelor of Apostolic Studies

Upon completion of all seminary courses (both diplomas) and one year of verified ministerial service as a practicum, the degree of Bachelor of Apostolic Studies may be awarded. Documentation and application process information is provided upon request.

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+++David Leon Cooper Apostolic Succession

Independent proof of valid Apostolic Succession of +++David Leon Cooper via the George Bussmann line.